Who is the woman behind Nutrilicious?

Hi! My name is Denise and I am the proud owner and founder of Nutrilicious. I would love to tell you more about me and the birth of my company :).

Over the past six years I have been fortunate enough to attend the births of more than 100 clients as a birth doula. I saw the impact that pregnancy can have on a body. Not only when there are complications or irregularities, but also in the course of a very normal healthy pregnancy. And from childbirth it’s straight into the postpartum weeks, which can be pretty rough! It is so important to pay attention to your body’s needs, to make sure you and your baby feel the best they can – and show it!

I deepened my knowledge of the eastern tradition of care for postpartum moms. There is so much conventional wisdom in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In many cultures, the first 40 days after childbirth are sacred and family members will ensure the mother is well taken care of. That inspired me to follow a training course to become a postpartum doula, so I could support families after birth as well.

Cooking for new moms is what I love doing most during these weeks of care for families, so I turned another hobby of mine into my work! My knowledge of food for postpartum moms grew thanks to the books I read, the classes I took and the online webinars I followed.

And then, to give all this knowledge a scientific basis as well, I took a two-year training program to become an orthomolecular nutritional therapist. And all the pieces of the puzzle came and are coming together.

I am overjoyed that I can share this wealth of information I gained from my experience as a postnatal doula and the hours and hours of training, with all the (expectant) moms in my practice. In addition to this information, there are so many delicious, nutritious recipes that I discovered and wrote about in recent years, that help the body – your body – recover after childbirth.

I can’t wait to support many more expectant moms and babies on their journey to become happy and healthy individuals!