Online 1-on-1 consult

Your body has done an amazing job at growing your baby and then opening up to bring it into this world. During this online consult I will tell you all about the nutrients that help your body recover after pregnancy and birth, so you will have enough energy for the first weeks postpartum.

Postpartum nutrition

What will we cover?

What should the diet of a new postpartum mom look like? I will share my knowledge from the background of orthomolecular nutrition therapy, but also integrate traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic principles.

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, your body can use some extra care and nourishment. We will address the nutrients that will support the milk flow and will help your baby grow healthy.

In case there were complications during birth, there are a couple of extra things to look out for, for fast recovery. For example after a cesaerean section, excessive blood loss or a tear.

You will receive the E-guide Healing Foods and Postpartum Nutrition with a worth of 9,99 euro after our session. So you can go over the information another time. You also find some Nutrilicious recipes in here.

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The consult takes 60 minutes, where there is also time for questions from your side. After the online consult you will receive the E-guide Healing Foods & Postpartum Nutrition with all the information we discussed, so you can go over it another time later on.

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